Podcast Editing

48 Hour Turnaround
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It's estimated that in the UK alone around 7.1 million people listen to podcasts each week - that's one in every eight people. With affordable equipment, software, and publishing platforms placing audiences within reach of anyone with a story or interest it's worth considering how to stand out.

Our team have over 50 years of combined broadcast experience to call on when editing your podcast. We'll take your raw audio, remove the silences, and perform editing tasks to make the resulting audio sound as professional as possible. We'll even offer advice where needed to ensure your recording is the best it can be and how to get the most out of your equipment.

What we do

Editing audio

Simply let us know what you would like including, and we'll edit the audio to your specification. We'll remove the silences, umms, aahs, plosives, coughs, and other sounds you don't want in your final product.

Level correction

When you're working with multiple presenters or guests, it can be hard to ensure your levels are consistent throughout. We'll make sure all your participants sound balanced against each other.

Adding of background audio, intros and outros

Just supply us with the audio files you need to use, let us know where they need using, and we'll sort the rest.

Compression & other processing

We'll use EQ, compression, and noise reduction to make your recording sound the best that it can.

ID3 tagging

Making sure your podcast can be found and listened to.

MP3 audio

We'll supply an MP3 audio file ready to upload to your favourite provider.

Feedback & advice

Not sure how to improve your recordings? We provide feedback after each edit to help guide you forward. 

How it works

Just select the duration of your unedited audio and add to your cart. Once you've completed your order one of our team will be in contact to arrange transfer of your audio and to understand your requirements.